Over 15 years as Course Director with more than 3000 certification of all-levels Instructors including IDC Staffs and even course directors trained by PADI Course Director SF Chong.

PADI Platinum Course Director SF Chong has been diving since 90s with over 7000+ log dives and still actively diving. Chong is also instructor trainer for more than 10 specialties, emergency first response instructor trainer, Tec Deep Instructor Trainer, Carven Instructor Trainer having certified over 3000+ PADI Professional certifications of all levels.
Over 15 years of training PADI Instructors, CD Chong is consider one of the most experienced and active instructor trainer in Bali Indonesia!
Chong’s instructional experience spans from Malaysia including Borneo, Indonesia Bali, Australia, Thailand, Maldives and Sri Lanka.
Besides teaching IDC, Chong is also co-founder of ICDA Indonesia Cave Diving Association and actively exploring many caves in Indonesia.
Choose your IDC training in Bali with PADI Platinum Course Director SF Chong! Reasons:
To Chong training instructors is more than a business. It’s a MISSION. Individual attention is the philosophy of course director SF Chong and his personalized attention to each candidate assures success not only at the IE, also life after IE.
With valuable experience, knowledge and Chong’s caliber of instructors trained, you can be assured of the very best quality education and introduction to the dive industry.
Course Director SF Chong

What Our Students Say

The best decision I’ve made in 2012 was to enroll in the July IDC with SF Chong. SF Chong is the best course director I’ve ever met, even before IDC start. He was the one who encouraged me to continue my education. I have a million thanks for his patience and encouragement in helping and guiding me throughout the course. I’ve gained knowledge, skills and understanding the standards during IDC with him. I will surely continue my education with him. Huge thanks to my mentor SF Chong for my success!

Yee Ven Shim
Open Water Scuba Instructor
IDC July 2012

“We graduated a week ago (November 2011) in Bali and are about to get a job now but before we start teach we would like to thank our great staff. Our Course Director SF Chong has been very efficient and professional during the whole IDC and IE and even now he is helping us to find a job. We really understood what a “Mentor” is and couldn’t expect more from him”

Marine Prat and Florent Marmounier
PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors

“I absolutely have no words to express how grateful I am, but I’ll try. The way he teaches, the way he conducts the course, the way he treats each candidate as an individual and makes all, not only candidates, but a big team. This man knows all about the standards and shows how easy it is to follow them. He makes everything simple. I can tell that I learned much more than I expected in the IDC. SF Chong is not only my Course Director, he’s my PADI Idol! He is one of the guys responsible for my love and respect for PADI and diving. He made me a great professional and I want to be to others, what he is to me”.

Simone Tomazela
IDC July 2012

PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors

The only award winning multiple year Platinum Course Director in Bali Indonesia. Course Director SF Chong’s dedication to the PADI dive education has resulted in receiving PADI’s prestigious awards:

Outstanding Contribution to Instructor Development


SF Chong is always happy to provide you with friendly expert advice about your professional career training whether you are continuing your professional dive education or starting from zero or any question regarding dive training.

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