PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer Specialty Prep Internships Bali

If you want to train you diver students to the highest purely recreational dive level in the PADI system of diver Master Scuba Diver Trainer education, you will want to be a PADI master scuba diver trainer. By attaining this level, your dive students will know where to come when they want to learn from an expert.
After the completion of the IDC you have an opportunity to achieve the rating (MSDT), master scuba diver trainer through an internship program. The pre-requisites for the master scuba diver trainer (MSDT) rating are five specialties and certification of 25 students within any level of the PADI system of diver education.
IDC Bali also offers MSDT Internships Training, you are not only taking a MSDT preparation course, you actually certify 25 students of all levels and finish off as a master scuba diver trainer and move on the the next level which is PADI IDC Staff Instructor.
Contact SF Chong for MSDT internships option.
MSDT Prep 3 day program, you can choose to become instructor in five of those specialties similar to the specialty instructor course conducted personally by course director SF Chong.
  • Enriched air specialty instructor

  • PADI Self-Reliant specialty instructor

  • PADI Oxygen provider instructor

  • PADI Deep diver specialty instructor

  • PADI Night diver specialty instructor

  • PADI Wreck diver specialty instructor

  • PADI Drift diver specialty instructor

  • PADI Multi level specialty instructor

  • PADI Fish identification specialty instructor

  • PADI Underwater naturalist specialty instructor

  • PADI Underwater navigator specialty instructor

  • DSAT Gas blender specialty instructor 

  • PADI Digital underwater photography specialty instructor

  • PADI Diver propulsion vehicle specialty instructor

  • PADI Search and recovery specialty instructor


You will still need to have issued 25 PADI certifications before you will be able to apply for the Master Scuba Diver Trainer rating

Certification requirement: 

Proof of 10 logged dives in each specialty rating.


PADI specialty instructor application fee AUD$111 (2020) each NOT included.

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